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Fasten your seat belts please; because we are catapulting the transporter industry to the next level by introducing our revolutionary new line of Stealth Series full size, gooseneck and tag style transporters.  For over 30 years, we have always delivered cutting edge innovation in the racing transporter business.  True to our long-standing reputation, the Stealth Series encompasses many exciting innovations in style and engineering design.

Bruce High Performance Transporters builds our revolutionary Stealth Series transporters from the ground up.  This means that for the first time, we are fabricating our own signature body shells.  These new body shells incorporate a number of design improvements.  From the smooth, clean exterior which is literally free of exposed fasteners, huck bolts or rivets, to the smooth side walls which incorporate all extruded, radius upper and lower rails, it all adds up to superior construction, which produces a significantly lighter weight body in comparison to our previous body style.  We have also developed a new, more aesthetically pleasing lift gate that utilizes the same basic tried and true construction principles with the added benefits of smoother lines and side doors that are incorporated into the complete structure.  This is a very attractive and functional design.  Due to its streamlined contour, the Stealth will pull with less drag.  That combined with its lighter overall weight will contribute to fuel efficiency, which also makes it budget-friendly when every penny counts.

The evolution continues beyond the exterior where you will find lots of fresh, new interior design options. Most unique is the contemporary, lightweight aluminum interior made with various C&C produced billet hardware and accessories which give the interior a sleek, modern appearance.  Cabinets are updated with more durable components and in general, are lighter in weight due to advancements in material and construction techniques. Innovative flooring materials lend themselves perfectly to custom imprinting and artwork.  And new, state-of-the-art LED lighting and trim options contribute to the futuristic  look. 



There is more than one way to build a trailer.  Here are some variations of the Stealth that can be built just to your liking.


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