Stealth Features

Bruce Transporters builds our revolutionary Stealth Series transporters from the ground up. Our groundbreaking Stealth Series virtually transforms today's trailer, as we know it, from status quo to ultra modern with regard to engineering technology and design savvy.

Here are some of the proprietary and exclusive features that contribute to the Stealth's innovative design:


New Frame Design

A fully welded steel frame structure provides superior strength, yet lighter weight. Our own proprietary in-house designed and built frame with added boxed support at the front landing gear adds stability and reduces flex.

3M Coating extend the life of your trailer by 5-7 years: We apply our exclusive protective coating to the understructure to help guard against rust on the frame. Corrosion becomes a thing of the past.

Smooth Side Design

Our new signature smooth side design is free of exposed rivets, fasteners and huck bolts. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, its streamlined profile helps reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency. Its unique panel system is stronger and more durable than ever before and features radius upper and lower rails that are polished or painted.

New Lift Gate

We've given our tried and true lift gate design a face lift with new built-in chain cover doors that offer a sleek one piece appearance. Our new control panel utilizes a machined plate for the lift gate pendant station plug, emergency stop, and up and down switch.

Generator and Housing

The new Stealth is equipped with a 35kw Martin Diesel generator, one of the quietest generators on the market and our newly designed soundproof housing eliminates noise from the generator.  We have also utilized a race inspired gauge panel and automatic transfer switch system technologies.


Tire cooling system alleviates tire overheating: This innovative ducting system runs through the framework and directs air to the tires to help keep them cool.

Optional super single tires allow for a wider 60'' aisle between wheel boxes: Our new super single tire design will not only give more room on the inside, but save 400 pounds in trailer weight.


LED lighting is brighter, more efficient, and more attractive: All interior and exterior lighting on the new Stealth is state-of-the-art LED. The lower deck lighting uses the same edge lit technology that is used in the LED HD TV. The upper deck lighting will now run on both 12-volt and 110-volt so there is no need for separate lights.

New back-up lighting improves safety and maneuverability: This feature provides light that illuminates the rear of the trailer, so drivers can now see what lies behind them.

Custom Touches

Custom CNC trim adds one-of-a-kind appeal: Custom trims, such as name/logo plates, etc. on both the interior and exterior add that extra personalized and professional touch to your transporter.

Custom cabinets and countertops maximize organized space with designer style: All of our interiors are custom built in our own Bruce High Performance Commercial Interiors Division.


Compartments abound: There is no such thing as wasted space in the new Stealth. Every inch of available space is put to functional use.

Door Transitions

Rear and side door transitions are non-existent: There are no thresholds, so flooring runs in one smooth, continuous line all the way through the trailer from front to back to give it a sleek, finished look.


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